Why did I become an activist?

My name is Colas, I’m 23 years old, and I study Master of Public Relations.

How did I get engaged for the climate?

I used to watch conferences and documentaries on the state of the world that touched me, but each time I lacked the courage and the push to take the step.

I decided to go to a demonstration on March 19, 2021 and that’s when something clicked in my head. Seeing young people as motivated as Adélaïde Charlier & Anuna De Wever, and many others in real life (after this long covid-19 period), triggered something in me… I had to do it too!


“Faut qu’on parle” special radio show

“Faut qu’on parle” special radio show

I found myself once again at Dynamic One for a special show "FAUT QU'ON PARLE" hosted by Chloé Pétein & Jeanne Brassine.  In this show, we discussed a lot of elements concerning the basis of the climate crisis. Through the chat and the questions of Chloé and...

What world for tomorrow?


Summary “Quel monde pour demain?”

This book gathers the testimonies of 4 committed women: Esmeralda De Belgique, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Anuna De Wever & Adélaïde Charlier. A dialogue between generations and a common “cry” to declare the climate emergency.

I devoured this novel in less than 48 hours, which, for a hyperactive dyslexic, is quite a feat. The courage and determination of these women will never cease to impress me.

I encourage you to read it and I hope you will have the chance to interact with them as I did.