I’m taking action for climate justice!

Brussels, Belgium

Why did I become an activist, and why do I believe you should become one too, in your own way?

Every year, more than 20 million people are forced to leave their homes due to climate change!

Global temperature increase (1900-2019)


Evolution of global fossil CO₂ emissions (1990-2018)


Average sea level rise



Source: figures from the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Does activism work ? 

Behind the word “activism” hides many definitions, even positive or negative perceptions on the part of the general public.

Thanks to Adélaïde Charlier for coming to answer questions:

▶ What is activism ❓
▶ What is an activist ❓
▶ Does it work ❓

All of these questions are legitimate, and we are rightly asking them to ourselves. Find out in this video our answer.

Join the climate action!

Together we can turn the tide, join me in the climate fight with Youth For Climate movement, of which I am a part.

Youth for Climate is a climate action movement, inspired by Greta Thunberg who started striking every Friday in August 2018 to demand climate action. They want to mobilise and activate as many people as possible, as the climate crisis affects everyone and transcends all borders.

The window of opportunity to re-launch marches, actions, demonstrations…is NOW.

See you in the streets! More info on their website or on Facebook.

This subject urgently needs to become the topic of conversation each day.

Everything you need to get involved

My activism

Find out who I am and where my desire to make a difference comes from.

Become an activist

Become an actor of change yourself and fight with me for a more just and sustainable world.


Join motivated people who think like you, you’ll see that it motivates!

My experiences

Discover my background and maybe one of my experiences will make you want to get involved.

Understanding the subject

To be active for me, it is first of all to be informed.

Contact me

Never hesitate to contact me or other committed people, we need help to change the trend!