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« Do you have a specific question about a subject? You can contact one of the person below or myself, and I’ll try to redirect you as best as possible according your request. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of personalities, experts and people who inspire me. There individuals have kindly agreed to appear here, so you can contact them.
Thank you to all those who appear below! »


Mediator, Sophrology practitioner, speaker

Laurence Rouffart

I am Laurence Rouffart. I have chosen to offer my time in the evenings and during weekends to support the actions of Rise for Climate Belgium. This allows me to put my abilities at the service of a project that is close to my heart, to meet people of all ages and from all professional backgrounds, it opens my horizon and nourishes me, it also comforts me in the fact of doing something for this climate crisis in a collective action. I was already doing a lot of small daily things, and this allows me to feel useful together.


Change Something & Festival Maintenant

Christophe Koninckx

After my communication studies at Ihecs, I found myself in the big bath of public relations agencies (in the United States, then in Belgium). At the beginning of the 2000s, I couldn’t stand any longer being involved in projects that were exclusively financially oriented. My fourth child had just been born and I decided to invest myself exclusively in communication projects related to sustainable development. Starting in Belgium, I participated in the creation of what is now Springtime, as well as a European network of sister agencies, DNS – established in 15 European cities. It was with this network and the South American network, ATI, that we launched the biodiversity/climate campaign #changesomething.
I was also involved in the creation of Festival Maintenant; today, I focus on the business side, within the NGO Entrepreneuriat & Transition.

Communication officer

European Commission – Department Climate Change

Luc Dries

“My work is based on reality. I design things to serve people. In the world of design, there is always a notion of service. You work with external elements that will become objects, like a house or a car, for example. In art, there is no such notion of functionality. There is no notion of serving someone. Art and design overlap, but their purposes are different.”
This is Lowie Vermeersch’s thinking and I share it entirely. My training as a product designer makes me a generalist in product manufacturing, capable of managing projects in collaboration with the various professional players and leads me – effortlessly – to contemplate industrialisation and new technologies for their implementation solutions in many sectors… In small, medium or large series.
I never tire of this job to continue to live those precise moments when, in the development of the project, one has the feeling that the marriage of aesthetics and function is coherent and that all the parameters of the specifications become inherent…
Source : LinkedIn description

Student e-business

Habeebee – Sustainable cosmetics from the hive

Grégory Steisel

Since I have always been sensitive to social and environmental causes, I am now active in sustainable development in several forms. Today, I work essentially around the theme of bees. At Habeebee, I am looking for new cosmetic solutions, but also in the development of an application dedicated to bees and biodiversity. The bee is a rather fascinating species because of the resources it produces. In addition to honey, it also produces wax and propolis, which have very interesting properties in several types of activities, but the most important thing is that the beekeeper remains a pillar of our biodiversity.
In the field of event management, I organise local concerts via LaFermaculture, centred on human contact and ecology.
I’m also very interested in pollution from the supply chain.
If I can help inspire you on any of these topics, don’t hesitate to ask your question.