Act !

How to become an activist?


To start taking action, you really don’t have to go far… The place where you will have the biggest impact is at home!

Get Informed

It is important to read and keep up to date with the latest news. This will help you develop critical thinking skills and help you make the right decisions.


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Join a action

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Join a mouvement

Join the movements that defend the same values and ambitions as you do.


“As soon as you talk, share information about this subject with your circles, you raise awareness. The simple fact of being interested and asking questions is nothing short of essential.”

Why is this important?

“Many people go straight from denial to despair without stopping in the middle and trying something.”

Al Gore

First, because there is still time.
Second, because YOU can make a difference.
And next, because we must do it together, because as has been demonstrated many times, collective intelligence works (e.g., the Climate Law in France created by 150 citizens chosen by lot from the population)
I remain convinced and have been convinced for a long time even before I was an activist, that everyone, and I really mean everyone, can act in their own field and on their own scale!

The organisations

Extinction Rebellion

is a movement born in England, an internationally present social ecologist movement who call for non-violent civil disobedience. With the targets for governments to take concrete action to avoid hitting climate tipping points.

Youth For Climate

is a climate action movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, who started striking every Friday in August 2018 to demand climate action. They wish to mobilise and activate and many people as possible, as the climate crisis affects everyone and transcends all borders.

Rise For Climate

 is a volunteer citizen collective committed to the fight against climate disruption threatening the planet and humanity, and to the safeguarding of biodiversity. Established in September 2018 to denounce the inertia of Belgian and European policies in the face of the climate emergency, the Rise for Climate collective co-organised the big climate marches, and mainly the 70,000 strong march on 27 January 2019, and continues its citizen actions in order to challenge governments and alert public opinion.

Grands Parents Pour Le Climat

is a movement of incredible old people who have been mobilising for several years. The oldest among them were born during the Second World War, while the others are from the generation of “papy-boomers”, born after the war and raised in the Golden Sixties. What fundamentally united them was the desire to mobilise to offer a land to live on for the next generations.